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Business and Commercial Strategy Manager (MESC) - BAC + 4 / BAC + 5 (Level 7 EU)

This training is in the process of being registered by the RNCP.


This intensive training allows students to acquire both theoretical and operational skills in management. After the first phases of basic theoretical training, mastery of computer tools and information, and work of methodology. The following teaching phases of the course are designed around the following five areas of activity:

  • Define the challenges and strategic orientations of a company
  • Ensure the continuous development of activities, products and services
  • Lead the commercial and promotional development of a company and develop partner networks
  • Supervise and manage teams
  • Manage a profit unit
  • Integrate new technologies by monitoring market developments

This training offers 3 specialization options besides the basic courses:

Option 1: Finance

Option 2: Purchasing and Logistics

Option 3: E-commerce and International Development

Duration: 2 years
Course form: classic, alternance or blended learning

Training program

Analyze and detect potential markets (1st year)

  • Market analysis by economic sector
  • Define the challenges and the company's development strategy
  • Prepare a business prospecting strategy

Implement the commercial strategy (1st year)

  • Build a commercial solution adapted to the client's needs
  • Draft contractual clauses
  • Translate the negotiated conditions into clauses in the commercial proposal

Build and manage teams (1st and 2nd year)

  • Organize the recruitment process and human resources management
  • Team management

Manage the activity of a profitable center (2nd year)

  • Commercial and communication policies
  • Implementation of partnerships
  • Manage and ensure economic and financial profitability

Manage digital communication projects (2nd year)

  • Choose digital tools and regulate the digitalization policy
  • Lead the implementation of projects

Develop the business internationally and through e-commerce (2nd year)

  • Boost business activities by integrating e-commerce
  • Manage international development and business

Practice internship of 3 to 6 months per year (1st and 2nd year) and a presentation of a professional thesis are necessary



Business manager
Business engineer
General Manager
Sales engineer
Marketing or sales director


1st year application (BAC + 4): holders of a diploma or title at BAC + 3 level
2nd year application (BAC + 5): holders with a diploma or title at BAC + 4 level
Selection method: On file, motivation interview and entrance test

This training is also accessible through the VAE system.


Successful students will obtain a recognized BAC + 5 level diploma, which will allow them either to find a managerial position with high strategic responsibility in an international company, or to pursue doctoral studies in the field of management.