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Language and Culture Department

The language and Culture Department furthers our commitment to creating a rich and diverse environment. The department's goals are to build and maintain a diverse campus community and to provide courses and programs in language and culture designed to meet the needs of GoldenCollar students. To achieve these goals, the department develops and refines initiatives to encourage and support students to explore, understand, and utilize the language resources.

The department focuses on providing high-quality, flexible language learning opportunities to:

- GoldenCollar students, faculty, and staff
- Members of the local community
- Foreign language teachers
At GoldenCollar, linguistic and multicultural knowledge are highly valued. We offer programs in:

European languages, such as French, English and Spanish

English-French and Chinese-French translation

Teacher Introduction

Mr. Calvo

Graduated from Sorbonne III University in Paris. Major in French language teaching. Teacher of FLE in our school. He studied at the University of Tokyo in Japan. Proficient in French, Japanese, English and other languages. He has rich teaching experience and rightnow he zorks as a language teacher at ES MOD in Tokyo and Paris. French and Japanese translation expert.

Institut GoldenCollar  French course
The language center of our school provides various levels of French language learning for foreign students, including elementary classes, intermediate classes, advanced classes and intensive classes.

-Elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes are held 5 days a week and 2 hours a day in the morning. Students choose the appropriate class for French training according to their language level.

-Intensive classes are held 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, suitable for students who need to quickly improve their French.

-Each language class has a maximum of 20 students, and each student has the opportunity to speak and ask questions in class, so that their level of French can be quickly improved.

-Teachers in language classes have many years of experience in language teaching, especially for foreign students, who play a vital role in activating the classroom atmosphere.

-199€/1 month; 450€/3 months; 860€/6 months; 1390€/year.

--Intensive class :5 days a week, 3-4 hours a day, 350 Euro/month.


Institut GoldenCollar Master's course (Bac+4/Bac+5)

* Traduction Technico-Commerciale et Gestion Multi-culturelle (Business Technical Translation and Multicultural Management) BAC+4/BAC+5

-Courses offered: business technical translation, Chinese-English-French translation, multicultural management, business negotiation and international relations, business English, business French, diplomatic relations, international English reading, International Trade Correspondence, multimedia tools and other courses.

-Career direction: business translation, multicultural management, corporate council affairs and other occupations.

- Duration : two years

* Management du Tourisme et des Projets Culturels (Tourism and Multicultural Project Management) BAC+4/BAC+5

-Courses offered: European tourism management, tourism planning, travel agency management, business negotiation and international relations, network marketing, interpersonal communication, cultural project planning and promotion, etc.

-Career direction: market research, sales manager, marketing consultant, commercial director, brand marketing, commercial project manager and other occupations.

- Duration : two years


Institut GoldenCollar Etudes Approfondies -Post M2 (PHD et DBA)

* DBA-Doctor of Business Administration BAC+6/BAC+7/BAC+8

-Option1: Management des Industries du Tourisme, du Sport et des Projets Culturels Culture, sports

And tourism industry management

- Duration : three years


Institut GoldenCollar Business English Course

In the fiercely competitive business world, in today's globalized trade, are you still depressed by the obstacles English brings you? If so, please join us as soon as possible to help you overcome professional obstacles as soon as possible!
In order to meet the needs of the public, Institut GoldenCollar is now launching business English courses. We specially hire senior English teachers to show difficult business professional language with practical business topics and vivid business scenes, and improve professional business communication skills .

Institut GoldenCollar Spanish Course

We specially hire enthusiastic and generous Spanish teachers to teach in small classes. The course aims to teach the basic pronunciation, grammar, listening and speaking of Spanish, using concise, interesting and practical learning methods to equip students with the most basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish, and lay a good foundation for subsequent Spanish learning. Foundation.

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