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Fashion and Applied Arts Department

Welcome to the Fashion and Applied Arts Department!

You may dream of seeing your creations on the catwalk. But if you decide to take the plunge and major in fashion design, get ready for a reality check.

This is one demanding major. Working around the clock to finish original creations won't be enough. You'll also have to meet the highest standards of accuracy, taking exact measurements and cutting patterns to the highest levels of precision. But if fashion is your passion, this major may be tailor-made for you.

Fashion design majors learn the nuts and bolts of designing and making clothing and accessories. Classes cover everything from sketching and computer design to pattern making and fabric selection.

Institut GoldenCollar Master's level course (Bac+4/Bac+5)

* Arts et Design BAC+4/BAC+5

-Option1: Design d’espace

-Option2: Arts Visuels

-Option3: Décoration Intérieure interior decoration

-Option4: Communication Visuelle

-This major is aimed at students who love art and design, learn a variety of art genres, and cultivate students' ability to art design and identify art.

-Duration : two years

Institut GoldenCollar Etudes Approfondies -Post M2 (PHD et DBA)

* DBA-Doctor of Business Administration BAC+6/BAC+7/BAC+8

-Option1:  Fashion and luxury marketing management

-Duration : three years

* PHD – Gestion d’Arts des Patrimoines et Projets Culturels (Art Management, Heritage and Culture Project) BAC+6/BAC+7/BAC+8

-Option1: Gestion d’Arts Art Management

-Duration : three years