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International Center

The international exchange center of Institut GoldenCollar is mainly a student overseas study project, which aims to build an overseas exchange platform for students of Institut GoldenCollar, provide short-term overseas study opportunities, and allow more students to form an international horizon, and ultimately improve the international level of Institut GoldenCollar.

The International Exchange Center of Institut GoldenCollar includes inter-school exchanges, summer and winter schools, scholarships and other projects.


· Intercollegiate exchange: Students can apply to foreign universities that have an exchange agreement with Institut GoldenCollar for overseas study with a time limit of six months to one year. As an important part of the Institut GoldenCollar overseas study program, the inter-school exchange program is of great significance to help students complete their studies, expand their horizons, cultivate international awareness and promote the internationalization of academic exchanges, and to achieve the goal of Institut GoldenCollar to create a world-class university.

· Winter and summer schools: Winter and summer schools are a common practice in many universities in the world. Most of them are open classrooms facing the society and mutual recognition of credits between schools. The school hours in winter and summer schools are usually tight, generally lasting about 4 weeks. Open admission and diverse student groups are important characteristics of winter and summer classes.

· Scholarship: The scholarship program is mainly for students who are officially enrolled in our school's full-time graduating class. Students who apply for the scholarship can continue to study for a degree at a foreign university after graduation.

· Others: In addition to inter-school exchanges, summer and winter schools and scholarship programs, it also includes short-term overseas internships, short- and medium-term international conferences and other overseas projects.

2021 Institut GoldenCollar Classes Internationales-2021 International Classes at the Paris Comprehensive School of Economics and Trade:

The Institut GoldenCollar  program is designed for international students to open international classes, aimed at small groups of multiculturalism, so that they can learn knowledge and obtain degrees. Currently there are three major fields of majors: international business management, marketing and tourism. The project aims to provide excellent training while creating an environment conducive to mutual enrichment for students from different cultural backgrounds.