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IT and Multimedia Department

Welcome to the IT and Multimedia Department!

Our program aims to provide our students with effective skills in the field of computer software and systems. We begin by covering computer basics, before offering more in-depth modules on computing, along with optional personal-interest courses.

Institut GoldenCollar  Undergraduate course (Bac+1/Bac+2/Bac+3)

* Informatique et Technologies d’Informations (Computer and Information Industry) Bac+3

-Main courses: computer principle and structure, various programming languages ​​(C, JAVA, HTML, HML, PHP etc.), operating systems (WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX), programming skills, analysis and model technology, network architecture and security , Project management, multimedia technology, website construction, and basic courses such as English, French, and mathematics.

-Suitable for students graduating from L2, IUT, BTS, wishing to study for a bachelor's degree in our school, and applying for higher-level business or public universities

-Duration: one year

Institut GoldenCollar Master's course (Bac+4/Bac+5)

* Commerce International et E-Commerce (International Trade and E-Commerce Management) Bac+4/Bac+5

-This major offers courses in e-commerce analysis, network marketing, FLUX RSS, and network platform analysis and management.

-Duration: two year

* Gestion de Projet commercial et Application Multimédia (Business Project Management and Multimedia Application) Bac+4/Bac+5

-Option 1. Management Optionnel (Option 1. Management direction)

-Option 2. Projet Informatique Multimédia (Option 2. Information multimedia project)

-Courses offered: business management, project analysis, multimedia tool application (management software, HTML website design, PAO magazine editing, PowerPoint presentation production...) and other courses.

-Direction 1: Management direction offers a combination of management and computer application courses.

-Direction 2: Information Multimedia Project, open project management multimedia application, mainly focusing on computer management project.

-Career direction: Project supervisor, development project manager, head of advertising and media company, business consultant and other occupations.

-Duration: two year