Government certifications

Our programme MBA Business Operations Manager is recognised by the French National Professional Certification Committee. The course is registered in the national register of professional certifications (RNCP) level I under the authority of C3 Institute (code NFS 310 p, Fiche 20659 - Arrêté du 19/11/2014 publié au Journal Officiel du 29 novembre 2014). Click here to learn more about the programme. 

English-taught courses

Our Engish-taugt courses will be available soon!


Upon completion of the undergraduate programme at GoldenCollar Business School, UFEC Group, students can go on to obtain a Doctorate. You offer both PhD and DBA programmes. The full course list is given in the Programme menu

Professional Masters

Our master's programmes are aimed at students with undergraduate degrees, BAC+3 or BAC+4, who wish to specialise in a defined area, in order to develop their own career and correspond more closely to the requirements of recruiting companies.

Our programmes are taught by specialists in both professional techniques and theoretical expertise, with technical skills, professional experience and highly developped teaching abilities.

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Entrance is possible twice a year, in February or in September. Please contact us to check if admissions are still open for the period you have chosen. 

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